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Working Safely with Compressed Air

Compressed air is an energy source, used throughout industries for various purposes. However, if it is not used correctly it can be fatal. Compressed air may be stored in cylinders and air receivers or generated by compressors; and can be delivered via a regulator, air line and air hoses to air tools and equipment. Safety [...]
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Compress Your Energy Costs Through Reducing Leaks

Air can often be viewed as an unlimited resource with no associated costs. During an average compressor’s lifetime of around 10 years, the cost of compressed air is roughly divided up as 73% energy costs. The remaining 27% is divided between capital costs, installation and maintenance (see diagram).   In reality, producing 1 kW of [...]
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Why Hiring May Be The Smarter Choice!

For all industries, the decision to either rent or buy capital equipment, such as air compressors, has serious ramifications and must be considered carefully. Renting heavy industrial equipment rather than buying offers major advantages that benefit companies of all sizes and across different industries. Below outlines why hiring a compressor or other compressed air equipment [...]
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CASE STUDY 5 | United Welding Force

United Welding Force selected NPS to design, supply and install a compressed airline system for their new workshop in Welshpool. United Welding Force specialises in providing fabrication services for the mining, industrial and commercial construction sectors; from drafting and fabrication, to surface treatment and transportation. Our Business Development Manager, Dillon Smith, visited their new 70m [...]
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