Why Hiring May Be The Smarter Choice!


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For all industries, the decision to either rent or buy capital equipment, such as air compressors, has serious ramifications and must be considered carefully. Renting heavy industrial equipment rather than buying offers major advantages that benefit companies of all sizes and across different industries.

Below outlines why hiring a compressor or other compressed air equipment may be the smarter choice for your business.

No long-term financial commitment

The clear advantage of hiring capital equipment from compressors through to dryers and receivers is the absence of upfront capital outlay for the machinery. Renting allows you access to high-quality equipment quickly and easily, for as long as you need it, without the worry of a long-term financial commitment.


No downtime for breakdowns

Compressors and compressed air equipment are usually the heart of the workshop. When a power supply fails there is usually down time and subsequently loss of production resulting in loss of revenue. Purchasing a brand new compressor can be time-consuming. There are many factors to consider including energy needs, pressure and flow requirements, power supply, operating hours, application and environmental considerations. When you have decided on the best compressor for your needs, you then need to wait for freight, which could equal months in downtime. Through hiring a compressor you can consult with experts and quickly and efficiently replace equipment and ensure minimal loss in profit.


No additional maintenance costs

Compressors need to be regularly serviced and maintained. Otherwise, like a vehicle, they will breakdown. Understanding and complying with industry and WorkSafe regulations with regards to receiver inspections can be daunting and if visited by a health and safety representative you could be slapped with a fine or worse, the equipment could shut down. When you hire compressed air equipment through Nessco Pressure Systems, the equipment comes fully checked, registered and maintained. Regular service appointments are included in the package to ensure your company is receiving quality air as well as complying with all Australian WorkSafe requirements. Aside from saving money, this gives you better peace of mind knowing that you will always have equipment that works well and is up to date and compliant with all safety standards.


Weathering market demands

During periods of economic instability, hiring equipment is a flexible solution that can help companies cope with the ups and downs of the market. Over recent years the Australian market has constantly changed and is affected by many macro-economic factors that are largely outside of the control of industry participants. Hired equipment can be returned if conditions in the market worsen or added to as new projects are won and new work taken on.


Testing to see if this product is for you

Heavy industrial compressors can be expensive and are a high-risk capital purchase; hiring equipment that you are considering for a future purchase is the perfect way to trial without obligation to purchase. You may be testing a make or model to see if the product increases productivity and reduces energy costs. For example, if your company has concerns of rising energy costs and expensive monthly power bills you may want to test a variable speed compressor. A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor simply adjusts its motor and elements’ speed to only produce and maintain the required amount of compressed air needed.


Avoiding obsolescence

Have you ever made a large purchase and then found that you used it once and never again? Some companies do this with large industrial equipment. The fact is, the value of a piece of machinery drops considerably as soon as you pay for it, and you will never get back exactly what you paid if you choose to sell. Hiring equipment avoids the risk of ending up with an unused piece of costly machinery in your factory.


Peace of mind

When hiring through the NPS Hire Division your company is ensured peace of mind, our experienced professionals use a wealth of knowledge to tailor fit compressed air equipment to the needs of your business. Our industry and product knowledge are the cornerstones of our specialised hire services and we deliver complete turnkey hire packages, including installation, project management, service and maintenance.

Contact us today to discuss your compressed air equipment hire requirements.

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