Why do I need to service my compressed air system?

Regular servicing and check-ups will ensure it remains reliable, and increases the life of the system. Compressed air system maintenance is similar to that performed on cars; filters and fluids are replaced, cooling water is inspected, belts are adjusted, and leaks are identified and repaired. If your compressor is not well maintained, it can cause multiple problems within the system and produce contaminated air to your end product – which can damage your tools and overall production.

How often should I service my compressor?

This answer depends on how often you run your compressor. If you are running your compressor occasionally, then annual service would be fine. If you are running your compressor routinely, then quarterly service may be needed. Please refer to your servicing schedule, or feel free to call our Service Administration team on 08 9333 4999.

What do I do in the event of a breakdown?

In the unlikely event you experience a break down, please contact your Service Coordinator on 9333 4999. Your Service Scheduler will coordinate for a technician to visit your site immediately and rectify.

Do I need to fix air leaks?

Yes. Air leaks result in your compressor working over-work to produce the required air pressure to equipment. Although an air leak may seem like a minor issue, it is in fact the opposite. Air leaks can not only cost you thousands per year in energy costs, it can increase running time that can lead to additional maintenance requirements and increased downtime. Therefore, proactive leak detection is incredibly beneficial to the smooth operations of your business. For more information, contact our Service Administration team on 08 9333 4999

Do filters need replacing?

During your scheduled services, our technicians inspect all filters to ensure they are operating as they should. How often they need replacing will be determined by your compressor use. If your filters are not changed as required, a number of outside contaminants such as oil, water and dirt can enter the system and pass through your equipment. This can increase the risk of breakages and expensive repairs to your system, and your equipment using compressed air. If your system has not been checked recently, contact our Service Administration team on 08 9333 4999 to arrange an inspection.

Does my system ever need to be upgraded?

Not necessarily. If the number of tools and your production levels are the same from when the system was first installed, then there should be no need for upgrades. Alternatively, if your workflow has changed and more tools are relying on your compressed air system, then an examination may need to be carried out. This ensures your compressor is not over-working, which can potentially cause breakdown and damage to your system. We can conduct an NPS Efficiency Report to ensure your system is suited to your production levels. Subsequently, we can then provide you our personalised Compressed Air Energy Management Plan. For more information, contact our Service Administration team on 08 9333 4999.


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