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CASE STUDY 8 | NPS Slices Energy Costs at D’Orsogna

Local legends D’Orsogna, synonymous with high-quality flavoursome meat products came to Nessco Pressure Systems with concerns over air quality, pressure loss and electricity bills. Like most leading food and beverage wholesalers and manufacturers, their factory relies heavily on compressed air. NPS undertook an Air Audit, mapping D’Orsogna’s airline and recording the current four compressors’ operating [...]
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CASE STUDY 7 | Torkan Packaging

Nessco Pressure Systems has regularly maintained and serviced Torkan Packaging’s compressors for many years. Recently, Torkan Packaging came to NPS with the ever-growing concern of rising energy costs and expensive monthly power bills, as many other Western Australians have also experienced. They had recently installed solar panels and were looking to save some money on [...]
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CSA Compressor Benefits

The CSA screw compressor features a three-phase electric motor (euro-voltage) and an elegant soundproofed body with a polyester powder paint surface. The CSA boasts an oil reservoir with high-efficiency air-oil separator filters, and an external oil pre-filter to allow easy removal for cleaning. Featuring safety devices including motor thermal protection, high air/oil temperature indicators, safety [...]
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CASE STUDY 6 | Global Supplier for Oil and Gas Industry

Our team here at NPS was asked to replace an old air receiver at a WA warehouse, Our Client is a leading global supplier of distinguished consumable and capital products for the mining, freight rail, and oil & gas industry. This installation required careful planning and designing by our Nessco Pressure Systems representative, Dillon Smith, [...]
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NEW Australian Made Universal Test Bench

Nessco Pressure Systems showcased at the 2016 Australian Oil and Gas Show (AOG) and this year's feature product was our custom made Universal Test Bench or we like to call it a Blue Box!   This new to market Australian built Universal Test Bench was custom made for one of NPS's customers in 2016, it [...]

CASE STUDY 3 | Iconic Perth Manufacturer

A project management company on behalf of an Iconic Perth Manufacturer requested the services of NPS to expand on their existing airline for a new factory. This company has been in operation since 1990 and relocated to Perth in 2003. Due to their continuous growth, they recently required an expansion of their current building. NPS [...]
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CASE STUDY 1 | The Wheatstone Project

NPS was approached by a major Oil & Gas company to provide a compressed air solution to the South Korean Wheatstone Project. This industrial conglomerate required large scale compressors and dryers on a tight deadline; which we were able to supply them within 2 weeks from the date of order. The new compressors, dryers and [...]
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The Huge Impact of Laminar Flow

Laminar flow is an integral component of compressed air efficiency. Believe it or not, laminar flow is controlled solely by the airline used in a compressed air system. To fully understand the effects of laminar flow in a compressed air system, we need to explain exactly what it is. Fluids & gases are unique in [...]

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