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Nessco Pressure Systems showcased at the 2016 Australian Oil and Gas Show (AOG) and this year’s feature product was our custom made Universal Test Bench or we like to call it a Blue Box!


This new to market Australian built Universal Test Bench was custom made for one of NPS’s customers in 2016, it is suitable for any test environment where fluid or inert gas is required at a maximum test pressure of 10,000 PSI. The unit could be used in conjunction with a safety cell where process valves/ pressure relief valves or hoses are tested.


Some features of the Blue Box –


  • Max working pressure of 10,000 PSI (960 bar) with water or Nitrogen gas
  • Internal gas booster that can boost from 1,200 PSI bottle pressure to 10,000 PSI
  • 10 litre gas receiver that can be charged with the booster to store the high pressure gas
  • Hydraulic pump from Hydratron that can boost fluid up to a pressure of 10,000 PSI
  • 10 litre Accumulator installed that can be pressurised by the pump
  • 4 large pressure gauges that will indicate the significant pressures in the system to ensure easy and safe operation
  • Provision for external test gauges or transducers that can be fitted to ensure that this unit can conform to NATA requirements
  • The only external inputs required for this equipment to run as a self-contained unit are 100 PSI clean dry compressed air at 60 scfm and a Nitrogen supply of 1,200 PSI




If you would like to know more about the Universal Test Bench or Blue Box please contact our high pressure specialist Louis!

on 0447 879 915

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