CASE STUDY 8 | NPS Slices Energy Costs at D’Orsogna


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Local legends D’Orsogna, synonymous with high-quality flavoursome meat products came to Nessco Pressure Systems with concerns over air quality, pressure loss and electricity bills. Like most leading food and beverage wholesalers and manufacturers, their factory relies heavily on compressed air.

NPS undertook an Air Audit, mapping D’Orsogna’s airline and recording the current four compressors’ operating patterns.
A fully comprehensive report was generated from the Air Audit results. Included in this report was an outline of the potential savings D’Orsogna could achieve from simply replacing their four conventional load/unload compressors with one frequency driven variable speed compressor (IVR). A frequency driven compressor adapts itself to the production’s air requirements, saving on average 25-35% in electrical costs.

Following a consultation of the Air Audit results with D’Orsogna, a solution was provided which comprised of a new high efficiency variable speed 90kw compressor system, an oversized refrigerated dryer, pre & coalescing filtration along with a 3000L air receiver. Once located, the equipment was connected via our Infinity Aluminium Airline system. This was also used to convert the existing airline to a ring main system to supply a consistent pressure, flow and a high-quality grade of compressed air to the factory.

D’Orsogna understands that in some areas of the production process a higher quality grade of compressed air is required as per ISO8573. The quality of air must be regularly controlled, monitored, and tested to ensure compliance. D’Orsogna is extremely conscious of these standards with a well-established quality management system. NPS worked closely with D’Orsogna to identify all points where a higher quality grade of compressed air is required and installed a bespoke adsorption dryer and filtration system to ensure the high standards and integrity of their products and processes are upheld.

During the consultation process, it was also clear how conscious D’Orsogna were about their environmental impact, including waste oil disposal so NPS included a large Oil Water Separator in the project which processes the condensate discharged from dryer, receiver and filters to ensure correct disposal of waste oil.

35 new safety airline droppers will also be installed throughout the factory which features air fuses and safety support cables.  If a hose failure occurs, the air fuse is designed to eliminate potential injury to employees and damage to the production area by minimising the whip effect of the hose.

Nessco Pressure Systems worked closely with D’Orsogna to create a compressed air system that is reliable, energy efficient and provides the flow and pressure required by the factory while ensuring the correct quality grade of air for their products demand.


“Nessco Pressure Systems was a pleasure to work with and were on time and on budget. The installation went really well and the project also fits perfectly with our sustainability agenda as saving energy is one of our top priorities. The compressors are working very efficiently and delivering a high specific output of clean quality air.”

– Neil Harvey, Chief Engineer

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