CSA Compressor Benefits


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The CSA screw compressor features a three-phase electric motor (euro-voltage) and an elegant soundproofed body with a polyester powder paint surface.

The CSA boasts an oil reservoir with high-efficiency air-oil separator filters, and an external oil pre-filter to allow easy removal for cleaning.

Featuring safety devices including motor thermal protection, high air/oil temperature indicators, safety valves and minimum pressure valves, the CSA compressor is a high quality, highly durable product that will increase energy efficiencies.

  • Silenced dry air intake filter
  • Compressor with oil flooded asymmetric screws
  • Combined aluminium air-oil cooler with fine fins
  • Contol and command instrument panel main switch
  • Steel plate base, allowing handling from three sides



A rotary screw compressor with high yield, high reliability and low noise-levels, field-tested and proven under a wide variety of situations and conditions.


1. Performance – High performance, silent running, simple installation and maintenance, make the CSA compressor the top model currently available on the market.


2. High-Efficiency Compression Elements – Two asymmetric rotors are mounted on high quality, low wear ball and roller bearings. The high degree of sealing and the fine tolerances used in the elements also guarantee even in small power ranges:

  • Greater yield
  • High efficiency
  • Long life and reliability
  • Lasting performance

3. Serviceability, Easy Maintenance – Air intake filter replacement – this operation only requires removal of the upper panel.

  • Discharge of condensate
  • Oil top-off
  • Oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Oil separator filter replacement

4. Replacing and Tensioning Belts – For the replacement and/or tensioning of the belts, just remove one fixed protection (side panel). The special transmission design ensures proper alignment of the pulleys.


5. Silent Running – Years of experience have been applied to the issue of noise levels, with particular care taken in analysing the air flow inside the compressor and the use of suitable panels with anti-noise devices, assembly of the various components, and the absence of transmitted vibrations.


6. Handling – This series of compressors was also designed with the issue of transport and/or handling in mind. Accessibility for lifting is allowed on three of the four sides and easy movement is guaranteed by a careful selection of lifting points, positioned so as to obtain a balanced load.


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