Improve Turnaround Time on Valve Testing

Hydratron’s Valve Test Bench

Utilising both fluid and gas as the test mediums, Hydratron’s Safety Relief Valve Test Bench is suitable for testing 1/2” – 10” RF, and 1/4” – 2” screwed relief valves at pressures of up to 10,000psi.

With a four finger, fully adjustable hydraulic clamping system, Hydratron’s Valve Test Bench guarantees to improve turnaround time on valve testing.


• Hydraulic test system, with AZ-1 series air operated hydraulic pump, accumulator isolation valve, pressure release valve and safety relief valves

• Nitrogen/air test system, with GB’S series air operated gas booster pump, inlet gas bulkhead connector threaded 1/4” NPT female, gas stop valve and gas filter

• Hydraulic clamping system comprising four finger type, fully adjustable clamps, capable of a combined clamping force of 75 tonnes

• An interlocking system, preventing pressure from being introduced into the valve under test until the valve is securely clamped in place

• Additional controls including nitrogen or air/water selector, high pressure fine metering valve, pressure release valve and test gauge bulkhead fitting threaded 1/2” BSP female



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