Airline Consultation

Our qualified airline consultants will draw upon their wealth of industry and technical knowledge to recommend the most suitable compressed air setup to suit the requirements of your application.

Airline System Design

Our designers work with each client to create a fully customised As-Built airline drawing. This is then continually refined throughout the consultation and design process.

Professional Installers

Our pipeline installation team are highly skilled and experienced technicians. Our technicians take pride in fitting systems that are tidy, efficient and productive.

Always Here

Post installation, our team is available to conduct regular maintenance and compressed air quality checks, ensuring that your system remains leak free with quality air.

Safe & Compliant

We are fully committed to complying with national guidelines and safe work practices, and as such ensure that we are fully certified for every job. This focus has allowed us to have a perfect safety record.

All Gases

We don’t just deal with compressed air. We are experienced in welding, production and packaging gases. Let us be your contractor of choice.



Reliability and Quality go hand in hand and for this reason we are very specific about the products we use to ensure your system is perfect.



From small jobs to large multi-story projects with multiple gases. With a strong focus on safety and quality we will ensure your project is completed on-time, safely and problem free.