Case Study 4 | The Gulf of Carpenteria Project

The Gulf of Carpenteria Project


Nessco Pressure Systems was recently approached by a client in the Oil & Gas industry to provide an air compressor for their site operations in the Gulf of Carpenteria (Northern Territory).

The initial brief was to design and install a compressor system to withstand and operate continuously in the harsh tropical and coastal environment of the island.

Nessco Pressure System’s solution was to incorporate the compressor as part of a complete containerised solution.

The system included air intake at one side of the container to provide air for cooling and compression, and a ducted exhaust vent to expel the heated air from the compressor keeping the temperature of the enclosure as close to ambient as possible.

The compressor supplied was a variable speed drive compressor. This type of compressor is ideal for this application which has a constantly changing air requirement, in principle it regulates the compressors flow to meet the varying air demands of the ten individual pumps located at different points around the site.

The purpose built enclosure was designed with all required services in mind including an entry point for the electrical supply, an isolation valve for easy on site connection and lockable isolation of the compressed air in case of servicing and safety issues. Provisions were also made for removing condensate from the receiver, dryer and filters, to ensure all environmental management controls were upheld.

NPS pride themselves on being able to provide a compressed air solution for every requirement, large or small. As such, we offer a range of different product levels, including standalone fixed speed box units, integrated tank & dryer packages, and energy efficient variable speed options.



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Improve Turnaround Time on Valve Testing

Hydratron’s Valve Test Bench

Utilising both fluid and gas as the test mediums, Hydratron’s Safety Relief Valve Test Bench is suitable for testing 1/2” – 10” RF, and 1/4” – 2” screwed relief valves at pressures of up to 10,000psi.

With a four finger, fully adjustable hydraulic clamping system, Hydratron’s Valve Test Bench guarantees to improve turnaround time on valve testing.


• Hydraulic test system, with AZ-1 series air operated hydraulic pump, accumulator isolation valve, pressure release valve and safety relief valves

• Nitrogen/air test system, with GB’S series air operated gas booster pump, inlet gas bulkhead connector threaded 1/4” NPT female, gas stop valve and gas filter

• Hydraulic clamping system comprising four finger type, fully adjustable clamps, capable of a combined clamping force of 75 tonnes

• An interlocking system, preventing pressure from being introduced into the valve under test until the valve is securely clamped in place

• Additional controls including nitrogen or air/water selector, high pressure fine metering valve, pressure release valve and test gauge bulkhead fitting threaded 1/2” BSP female



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