Airline Design & Installation

At Nessco Pressure Systems, we are dedicated to providing our customers with industry leading advice and solutions.

Our highly qualified business consultants will draw upon their wealth of industry and technical knowledge in order to recommend the best and most suitable compressed air requirements for your application, ensuring a system that is cost efficient, durable and easy to extend or modify.

NPS is fully committed to complying with national guidelines and safe work practices, and as such, we have ensured that we are fully certified for every job. With support documentation and proven competency, our team are qualified to perform consultation, design, installation and maintenance support for any airline, Australia wide.

Contact your NPS representative on (08) 9333 4940 for an obligation free quote and consultation, or you can email us at

NPS Consultants will:

  • Visit you on-site, across WA
  • Work to specific site requirements
  • Work closely with you to ensure a design based on maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Create and refine a customised As-Built drawing
  • Review system performance, ensuring maximum efficiency

Compressed Air System Design

An NPS designed airline network can have a dramatic and direct impact on the performance of a compressed air system, often saving you significantly in outgoing costs and downtime. As such, to ensure your compressed air network is operating efficiently, it is worthwhile to invest in the services of a professional design team.

NPS have been operating in the pneumatics industry for more than 10 years, which allows us to offer you a confident system design based on maximum optimisation. We work closely with each of our clients to create a customised plan that will reduce your energy costs, decrease maintenance time, while allowing for easy expansion in the future.

The NPS system designers work with each client to create a fully customised As-Built drawing, that is continually refined throughout the consultation and design process. Whether it is a simple pipeline or a fully integrated compressed air system, we have the capabilities and resources to design an efficient design.

Compressed Air Installation

The correct installation of a compressed air system will result in a far superior operation of the entire compressed air system.

The NPS installation team are highly skilled and experienced technicians, who take pride in fitting systems that are tidy, efficient and productive. Our installations team work closely with our consultants and designers, developing an airline system that is customised specifically to your needs.

Post installation, our team are available to conduct regular maintenance and air quality checks, ensuring that your system remains leak free and the air stays clean.

Whether you require an entirely new distribution system or simply some minor modifications to an existing one, contact us today to discuss how the NPS Infinity Installations team can assist your business on (08) 9333 4940 or

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