Compressed Air New Years Resolutions


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The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to look back at the year that’s been; reminisce and consider ways we can make this year even better.

What better time than now to review the air to your business? We have compiled a list of popular resolutions and related each to compressed air systems – you’ll see they are not too different!


Get Healthy

This is one of the most popular resolutions heading into a new year. Focusing on our health is of the utmost importance, as what we put in, we get out! This concept couldn’t be more relevant for your compressed air system.

The most effective way to ensure your system is healthy is through an NPS Compressed Air Management Report. Our reports determine if your air compressor and airline are well suited to your application and its level of use. If your compressor is undersized, the inefficiencies that occur are substantial – both in production and in your energy bills. Through our Compressed Air Energy Report, our technicians can offer energy saving alternatives – such as Ceccato IVR compressors – which can provide you significant savings per year (hint: it’s in the $thousands$).


Relax More

While keeping busy can be healthy, being over-worked is not. Keeping your air line efficient is crucial – this is directly correlated to the sizing and material of the pipe.

High velocity (aka. under sizing the pipe system) can be a significant cause of:

In other words, incorrect sizing of your airline can place huge stress on your compressed air system! Our friendly and experienced technicians can review your current airline, make suggestions to alleviate the stress and ensure it is working more efficiently.


Be More Organised

Are you one to continually run late? Perhaps you tend to forget bookings and appointments?

Your air compressor needs to be serviced regularly to avoid untimely breakdowns and expensive repairs. Unfortunately, keeping track of these important servicing schedules can be difficult. Luckily, the servicing team at NPS have all this information at hand! When your air compressor is due for its service – including those compulsory Receiver Inspections and Registrations – our team will notify you in advance and book a time that is most convenient for you.


Quit Smoking

Improving the quality of your breathing air is a key contributor to your longevity and quality of life.

Compressed air is a vital source for breathing air utilised in many industries, such as spray painters in the automotive industry.

Fed directly into the controlled environment, these lines are required to meet ISO standards. Since they may introduce contamination, the lines must be regularly controlled, monitored, and tested so they can provide clean air to the breathing apparatus on the other end. Nessco Pressure Systems is qualified and equipped to ensure your compressed air & gas lines stay contamination-free. Contact us today if you would like to have your breathing air tested!


Save Money

Save money and reduce debt – this resolution can apply to almost everybody! Did you know air leaks can waste up to 30% of a compressor’s output?

The common perception of air leaks is they have minimal impact on the costs of operation. However, the costs associated with an over-working compressor and air leaks are quite substantial.

In reality, producing 1 kW of compressed air requires 8 kW of electricity. Based on a compressor running 24/7 and a power cost of 15 cents/kW/hr, just one leak with a 2mm diameter can set you back up to $3000 annually! If your system has more than one leak, or your kW/hr rate is higher, this cost can dramatically increase.

Thankfully, there is one guaranteed way to prevent this from happening to your business: regular air leak audits. If you would like more information, or to book an air audit, contact our team here!


Do you have your own compressed air resolutions? Let us know below!

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