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CASE STUDY 12 | UWA Nitrogen Testing Equipment Install

NPS recently installed Nitrogen testing equipment at the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment – Soil Science Department. The nitrogen line services bespoke pressure chambers in the university laboratory which ultimately measures soil water retention for applications in land capabilities and soil health. Application for soil water retention curves is most often used in land [...]
Case Study

Can Your Compressed Air Dryer Cope This Summer?

Overheated System = Production Down Time   Like us, your compressed air system can sweat in the warmer months! Air Dryers can act as an air conditioner to your airline; eliminating condensation due to humidity, and therefore preventing damage to your expensive equipment. As the months get hotter some compressed air dryers don’t function as [...]
Air Compressors, Knowledge Base

Why Your System Needs A Compressed Air Dryer

A Compressed Air Dryer is used for removing water vapour from compressed air. Humidity is a component of atmospheric air, which can be found in the form of condensate and/or vapour in compressed air distribution systems and the machines that use the compressed air. If the condensate can be easily separated and discharged, humidity, in [...]
Air Compressors, Knowledge Base

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