It’s That Time of Beer… Raise Your Stein and Toast Oktoberfest!



Beer is one of the oldest drinks created by man and has been a cultural tradition in many countries all around the world. Beer has evolved over the centuries and its popularity has continued to rise in Australia.

With Oktoberfest currently underway, beer aficionados are in their element and on the hunt for new beer flavours. To highlight Nessco Pressure Systems’ enthusiasm for providing local establishments with the perfect brewery setup, we’d like to share how compressed air is used in the process that makes beer taste great!

Breweries depend on compressed air for powering the machines for bottling, labelling, filling, and carbonating. These machines require a very precise amount of clean, oil-free air to accomplish the following functions:


Aeration: Air compressors are used to deliver oxygen to the beer wort which is required for fermentation. Oil-free compressors are ideal because they don’t risk contaminating your malty masterpiece with oil – affecting the quality and the taste of the resulting beverage.

Bottling: Bottling is one of the most common uses for air compressors in breweries. Pressurised air is vital for moving beer from the conditioning tank to the bottle, and for keeping lines clean and free of water.

Cleaning & Maintenance: Cleaning brew kettles, fermentation tanks, bottles, and kegs are all necessary to prevent contamination. Air compressors can be used to power cleaning tools such as pressure washers which are essential for maintaining a clean and sanitary operation.


NPS is focused on providing the highest-quality compressors for breweries and all types of other industrial operations. With efficient operation to save you in energy costs over the service life of the compressor, we are prepared to help you make the right compressor choice for your brewing operation. Browse our product line for more information.

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