High Pressure Testing Solutions

Since establishment in 2001, Nessco Pressure Systems has been providing innovative, turnkey solutions to high pressure testing applications for clients across a wide range of industries.


From brief to build, our team of high pressure experts are equipped to help every step of the way, providing a full range of high pressure support services. With over 30 years’ combined experience, our reputation as a trusted manufacturer and installer of pressure systems has seen NPS work not only with local Perth companies, but also with multinational corporations.

When choosing NPS for your high pressure requirements, you will experience our full range of services, such as:

Quality Testing & Commissioning

All equipment is tested before it leaves site, and re-commissioned at your destination. This ensures all high pressure equipment conforms to design specifications and is safe for operation straight away.

Qualified Technicians

With over 30 years’ experience, our team are experts in the field of High Pressure Testing. Our approach to service is simple; we strive for ultimate customer satisfaction, achieved through extensive industry knowledge, and a dedicated team of after-sales maintenance and repair technicians.

Extensive Range

We pride ourselves on being able to provide high pressure solutions for any project, large or small. As such, we offer a range of different high pressure equipment; from power packs and high pressure accessories, to innovative and customised test benches.

Custom Solutions

At NPS, we have the in-house facilities and expertise to design, build and install custom built high pressure equipment solutions for any project. Catering to a large range of offshore and subsea applications, NPS ensure all customers’ specifications are achieved while adhering to Australian standards.

If you would like to discover more about our High Pressure solutions, we welcome you to call us on 1300 290 638 or email us below!