First Air Powered Car Released 2016


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In the exciting innovative world of air compression, the globally known automotive company; Peugeot has revealed their plans for the first ever air powered vehicle to be released and ready for market as early as 2016!

The system works by using a normal internal combustion engine, special hydraulics, and an adapted gearbox along with compressed air cylinders that store and release energy. The compressed air is stored in a tank at high pressures such as 30 MPa (4500 psi or 310 bar). The air power will be automatically activated after reaching speeds below 43mph and will be used solely for city driving and will re-use all of the energy normally lost when slowing down and breaking.

The motor and a pump will be located in the engine bay, fed by a compressed air tank underneath the car, running parallel to the exhaust; this enables it to run on petrol or air, or a combination of the two.

The groundbreaking invention is said to reduce petrol bills by up to 80% when driving in cities and will be around £1,000 cheaper to purchase than all other current hybrid models, this is because the new ‘Hybrid Air’ will not require the expensive batteries found in current hybrids.

In the future the pioneering system will be installed into any traditional family car without altering its original size and external shape; the air-powered cars will eventually look identical to any desired conventional vehicle. To begin with, the newer models will be a similar size and model to the Peugeot 208.


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Original Daily Mail article can be found – here 

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