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As we begin the new year with soaring hot temperatures, are you confident that your compressed air system can cope?

The hot weather can put a lot of stress on your compressed air system and as the temperature starts to rise a number of maintenance issues can occur. here are our top tips on how you can avoid costly downtime…

Change the oil
The Summer heat and humidity can take a toll on the compressors oil, and in some cases, reduce the life by as much as half. Changing oil/fluid on schedule, maintains proper viscosity for better lubrication and removes moisture, acids, wear metals and other contaminants.

Check the fluid system
To ensure proper cooling and lubrication, and to prevent unscheduled downtime, ensure there are no restrictions in the compressor’s fluid circulation.

Change the inlet filter
Changing the inlet filter on schedule will keep compression efficiency up and maintain proper operating temperature. Changing the air filter will also keep your oil cleaner longer.

Check your electrical cabinet
Dirt and dust can form an insulating layer and build up heat on electrical components. Be sure the cabinet fan works and to clean or replace the filters on the electrical cabinet if present. Use appropriate precautions when cleaning the electrical cabinet

Maintain your dryer
Refrigerated dryers work best when they have a steady supply of clean and cool air. Make sure that your dryer is well ventilated and getting the coolest air possible. Clean the condenser. If it is blocked up with dirt and debris it can’t do its job and may cause the dryer to overheat. Also, check the refrigerant level.

Check all drains on air receivers, dryers and filters
Compressed air dryers and filters work hard to remove the extra water that occurs during the hot, humid summer months.  Make sure that your drains are functioning properly so that they get that water out of your compressed air. Many drains have test buttons. Adjust timer settings on timed drains if you have them.


NPS is focused on providing the highest-quality compressors for all types of industrial operations. With efficient operation to save you in energy costs over the service life of the compressor, we are prepared to help you make the right compressor choice for your operation. Browse our product line for more information.

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