Why can air compressor hire be a great idea

Air compressor hire – why should I do it? In a study by market research company, Technavio, they predict that … Read More

fremantle business awards

NPS a finalist in the 10th Fremantle Business Awards

  Nessco Pressure Systems (NPS) are pleased to announce they have been nominated as a finalist in the 10th Fremantle … Read More

NPS Air Receiver Service Technician

The potential dangers of air receivers

Are the potential dangers of air receivers just a bit of hot air? When comparing electricity or gas compressed air … Read More

Air Compressor Maintenance

Maintaining your peace of mind

Air Compressor Maintenance  Let’s face it. At some point, no matter how high quality the product is, equipment or machinery … Read More

Nessco Pressure Systems onsite installation team

Making the right choices when choosing your Compressor System

  A lot of careful planning goes into the decision to purchase an air compressor system. Buyers have to contemplate … Read More

Can Your Compressed Air Dryer Cope This Summer?

  Overheated System = Production Down Time   Like us, your compressed air system can sweat in the warmer months! … Read More

Why Your System Needs A Compressed Air Dryer

A Compressed Air Dryer is used for removing water vapour from compressed air.   Humidity is a component of atmospheric … Read More

Ten Things to Target During an Air Audit to Ensure Compressed Energy Savings

Compress Energy Costs through Air Audit   With the rapidly escalating cost of electricity, there is an increasing focus within … Read More

Compress Your Energy Costs through IVR Variable Speed Compressors

  Buying a new compressor is a large investment for any sized company.   A compressor’s initial cost is very … Read More

Compress Your Energy Costs through Reducing Leaks

  Air can often be viewed as an unlimited resource with no associated costs. During an average compressor’s lifetime of … Read More

Advantages of Aluminium Pipe in Compressed Air Systems

  Advantages of Aluminium Pipe. The Australian compressed air industry has long been dominated by plastic and galvanised steel piping … Read More

Why Hiring May Be The Smarter Choice!

  For all industries, the decision to either rent or buy capital equipment, such as air compressors, has serious ramifications … Read More

CSA Compressor Benefits

The CSA screw compressor features a three-phase electric motor (euro-voltage) and an elegant soundproofed body with a polyester powder paint … Read More

Why do Air Compressors Need Servicing?

  Keeping your equipment and machinery running at a consistent high level of performance is important to every industry; breakdown … Read More

NEW Australian Made Universal Test Bench

  Nessco Pressure Systems showcased at the 2016 Australian Oil and Gas Show (AOG) and this year’s feature product was … Read More

AOG 2016

For the fourth year in a row, Nessco Pressure Systems took part in the 2016 Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition … Read More

First Air Powered Car Released 2016

  In the exciting innovative world of air compression, the globally known automotive company; Peugeot has revealed their plans for … Read More

Compressed Air New Years Resolutions

The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to look back at the year that’s been; reminisce and … Read More

Melbourne Cup Trade Day a Success!

On Tuesday, November 3rd 2015 NPS had the pleasure of holding our second Trade Day. This year we incorporated our … Read More

Avoid Downtime From Leaks

One of the major cost risks involved in oil and gas production environments is downtime due to rogue emissions or … Read More

Improve Turnaround Time on Valve Testing

Hydratron’s Valve Test Bench Utilising both fluid and gas as the test mediums, Hydratron’s Safety Relief Valve Test Bench is … Read More

Huge Impact of Laminar Flow

The Huge Impact of Laminar Flow

Laminar flow is an integral component of compressed air efficiency.   Believe it or not, laminar flow is controlled solely … Read More

Compressed Air Safety Tips

Compressed Air Safety Tips

Compressed air can be extremely dangerous if not used in a safe manner.   To reduce the risk of injury, … Read More

AOG 2015 Nessco pressure systems

AOG 2015

Live Demonstration a Success at AOG 2015 Our third year in our biggest stand ever, made this year’s Australasian Oil … Read More

Case Studies

Case Study 13 | Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats Australia Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of quality oat products for human consumption in 25 … Read More

UWA case study

Case Study 12 | UWA Nitrogen Testing Equipment Install

NPS recently installed Nitrogen testing equipment at the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment – Soil Science Department.

Case Study 11 | Groundbreaking Mining Solutions

Groundbreaking Mining Solutions selected NPS to design, supply and install a compressed airline system for their new workshop in Forrestdale, … Read More

Case Study 10 | Restoration Makeover

  From rags to riches, check out this before and after compressor restoration provided by NPS technician Leigh Knight!

Case Study 9 | Low Hour Compressors Still Need Servicing

  Nessco Pressure Systems recently attended a call out from a local Perth business

Case Study 8 | NPS Slices Energy Costs at D’Orsogna

Case Study 8 | NPS Slices Energy Costs at D’Orsogna   Local legends D’Orsogna, synonymous with high quality flavoursome meat … Read More

Case Study 7 | Torkan Packaging

Torkan Packaging, Malaga WA   Nessco Pressure Systems has regularly maintained and serviced Torkan Packaging’s compressors for many years. Recently, … Read More

Case Study 6 | Global Supplier for Oil and Gas Industry

Global Supplier for Oil and Gas Industry, Welshpool WA   Our team here at NPS was asked to replace an … Read More

Case Study 5 | United Welding Force

United Welding Force, Welshpool WA   United Welding Force selected NPS to design, supply and install a compressed airline system … Read More

Case Study 4 | The Gulf of Carpenteria Project

The Gulf of Carpenteria Project   Nessco Pressure Systems was recently approached by a client in the Oil & Gas … Read More

Case Study 3 | Iconic Perth Manufacturer

Iconic Perth Manufacturer   A project management company on behalf of an Iconic Perth Manufacturer requested the services of NPS … Read More

Case Study 2 | The Oil & Gas Project

The Oil & Gas Project   To assist a substantial expansion and immediate relocation, an international Oil and Gas Company … Read More

Case Study 1 | The Wheatstone Project

The Wheatstone Project   NPS were approached by a major Oil & Gas company to provide a compressed air solution … Read More


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