Ceccato Frequency Driven Variable Speed Compressors (IVR)


Ceccato Pro Variable Speed Compressors Frequency-driven IVR compressors offer a multitude of benefits compared to fix speed models.

Variable speed systems work by connecting a motor control drive to the compressor and then connecting the line input power from the utility to the drive. The drive uses frequency modulation to adjust power output of the compressor motor enabling it to speed up or slow down according to the heating or cooling load in the home. This ability to modulate compressor capacity enables many of the advantages of variable speed technology including improved efficiency and comfort.

Some of our most popular IVR compressors are as follows –



The CSB range is a modern and aesthetically designed belt driven oil lubricated screw compressor offering a wide choice of Ceccato Screw Compressor CSB 30 IVRvariants, built with quality components in a state of the art assembly plant.
Featuring a powder coated soundproof canopy, with aesthetic and practical panels for servicing, the CSB range boasts a Class F Electric Motor, greased for life and protected by thermal relay.

The CSB range can fulfil industrial requirements of up to 147 cfm with maximum reliability and efficiency whilst ensuring user friendliness, easy serviceability and low noise levels.Air intake external filtration foam with dust protection for internal components

  • Air intake external filtration foam with dust protection for internal components
  • High efficiency encapsulated air filter
  • Oil filter and air/oil separator cartridge with easy removal for quick servicing
  • Electric controller (ES4000)
  • Vertical oil tank for initial gravity separation
  • FAD: 36-131cfm
  • Motor: 22kW; 30hp
  • Noise level: 69dB(a)
  • Pressure: 8bar

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DRB 50/8 IVRNPSProduct_CompressorDryers&Receivers_Dryers_DRB 50 IVR

The new DRB IVR is a highly efficient and flexible oil-injected screw compressor. It closely follows the air demand by automatically adjusting the motor speed. Combined with the innovative design of direct driven transmission, this results in average energy savings of 35% and an average cut of 25% in the life-cycle cost of a compressor.

  • Compact and all in one system, thanks to the oversized integrated dryers.
  • Highly reliable transmissions, for a quiet and trouble-free operation.
  • High capacity oil/air coolers, perfect air filtration and cooling guarantee less thermal
  • shocks and a longer lifetime.
  • Lower energy consumption thanks to IE3 motors or IVR
  • technology

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DRE 150-10 IVR

The DRE range are high quality, oil injected gearbox driven compressors, suitable for use with a variety of constant speed or variable speed drivers.

Offering simple installation and easy maintenance and accessibility, the DRE series offers high output and flow, suitable for industrial applications.

DRE150-10 IVR v2

  • High performance for less energy consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • No transmission losses
  • No belt tensioning
  • Simple installation
  • FAD: 119-673cfm
  • Motor: 110kW; 150hp
  • Noise level: 75dB(a)
  • Pressure: 9.5bar

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