The Energy Box is the solution to heat water for different applications. The Energy Box fits all generations and types of oil injected screw compressors, achieving huge energy & cost savings, great productivity improvement and CO₂ emission reduction.

  • Heat recovery is achieved by using an additional heat exchanger
  • The waste heat is extracted from lubricant coolers for hot water production
  • Additional heat recovery is achieved by heating ambient atmospheric air by passing it across the system’s after cooler (ducting cooling air outlet)
  • Energy recovery of up to 90 %

Save with Energy Recovery
Air compression generates a lot of heat. Most of this is lost. But the Energy Box turns it into heat for other applications. The result? Huge savings.

Reduce CO2 emissions
Saving energy also means reducing CO2 emissions. This may help you achieve environmental targets and comply with legislation or certification.

Thermal energy put to use
In addition to space heating and hot water for showers, compression heat may be used for industrial processes such as drying, pre-heating, sterilisation, steam cracking, purging etc.

How Recovery Works

The oil in an oil-injected rotary screw compressor absorbs the compression heat. Before being led to the oil cooler, the hot oil is diverted through a heat exchanger inside the Energy Box, where the heat is transferred to a water circuit.

The amount of thermal energy recovered and money saved depends on the compressor’s size and use factor (numbers of operating hours per year). Recovery of up to 80% can be achieved, and in the case of hot water, up to 90%.


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