Compressed Air for Breathing

Regular testing is required to ensure your workers are safe and your respiratory protection complies and is used in accordance with Australian standards.

Clean Rooms

Compressed air is fill of contaminants and needs to be regularly tested to ensure you are getting clean compressed air in your clean environments.

Specialist Equipment

Certain equipment needs high quality clean compressed air supplied to ensure it can used for the purpose it is designed. Contaminated air can be unsafe and cause equipment failures and costly downtime.

Compressed air is a vital energy source and is utilised in many industries. Air tests are particularly important within areas of food production, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Feed directly into the controlled environment, these lines are required to meet the same ISO classification as the clean rooms and spaces they serve. Since they may introduce contamination the lines must be regularly controlled, monitored and tested.

When treated and tested properly, compressed air is regarded as a safe and clean utility in comparison to other energy sources. However if regular compressed air tests are not carried out, compressed air can become contaminated, jeopardising sanitation.



We offer a wide range of filtration products to ensure our customers have the air quality they need for their operations