Why Hiring May Be The Smarter Choice!


For all industries, the decision to either rent or buy capital equipment, such as air compressors, has serious ramifications and must be considered carefully. Renting heavy industrial equipment rather than buying offers major advantages that benefit companies of all sizes and across different industries.


Below outlines why hiring a compressor or other compressed air equipment may be the smarter choice for your business.


No long-term financial commitment


The clear advantage of hiring capital equipment from compressors through to dryers and receivers is the absence of upfront capital outlay for the machinery. Renting allows you access to high-quality equipment quickly and easily, for as long as you need it, without the worry of a long-term financial commitment.


No downtime for breakdowns


Compressors and compressed air equipment are usually the heart of the workshop. When a power supply fails there is usually down time and subsequently loss of production resulting in loss of revenue. Purchasing a brand new compressor can be time-consuming. There are many factors to consider including energy needs, pressure and flow requirements, power supply, operating hours, application and environmental considerations. When you have decided on the best compressor for your needs, you then need to wait for freight, which could equal months in downtime. Through hiring a compressor you can consult with experts and quickly and efficiently replace equipment and ensure minimal loss in profit.


No additional maintenance costs


Compressors need to be regularly serviced and maintained. Otherwise, like a vehicle, they will breakdown. Understanding and complying with industry and WorkSafe regulations with regards to receiver inspections can be daunting and if visited by a health and safety representative you could be slapped with a fine or worse, the equipment could shut down. When you hire compressed air equipment through Nessco Pressure Systems, the equipment comes fully checked, registered and maintained. Regular service appointments are included in the package to ensure your company is receiving quality air as well as complying with all Australian WorkSafe requirements. Aside from saving money, this gives you better peace of mind knowing that you will always have equipment that works well and is up to date and compliant with all safety standards.


Weathering market demands


During periods of economic instability, hiring equipment is a flexible solution that can help companies cope with the ups and downs of the market. Over recent years the Australian market has constantly changed and is affected by many macro-economic factors that are largely outside of the control of industry participants. Hired equipment can be returned if conditions in the market worsen or added to as new projects are won and new work taken on.


Testing to see if this product is for you


Heavy industrial compressors can be expensive and are a high-risk capital purchase; hiring equipment that you are considering for a future purchase is the perfect way to trial without obligation to purchase. You may be testing a make or model to see if the product increases productivity and reduces energy costs. For example, if your company has concerns of rising energy costs and expensive monthly power bills you may want to test a variable speed compressor. A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor simply adjusts its motor and elements’ speed to only produce and maintain the required amount of compressed air needed.


Avoiding obsolescence


Have you ever made a large purchase and then found that you used it once and never again? Some companies do this with large industrial equipment. The fact is, the value of a piece of machinery drops considerably as soon as you pay for it, and you will never get back exactly what you paid if you choose to sell. Hiring equipment avoids the risk of ending up with an unused piece of costly machinery in your factory.


Peace of mind


When hiring through the NPS Hire Division your company is ensured peace of mind, our experienced professionals use a wealth of knowledge to tailor fit compressed air equipment to the needs of your business. Our industry and product knowledge are the cornerstones of our specialised hire services and we deliver complete turnkey hire packages, including installation, project management, service and maintenance.



Contact us today to discuss your compressed air equipment hire requirements.

CSA Compressor Benefits

The CSA screw compressor features a three-phase electric motor (euro-voltage) and an CECCATO CSA 10_8_500D COMPRESSORelegant soundproofed body with a polyester powder paint surface.

The CSA boasts an oil reservoir with high-efficiency air-oil separator filters, and an external oil pre-filter to allow easy removal for cleaning.

Featuring safety devices including motor thermal protection, high air/oil temperature indicators, safety valves and minimum pressure valves, the CSA compressor is a high quality, highly durable product that will increase energy efficiencies.

  • Silenced dry air intake filter
  • Compressor with oil flooded asymmetric screws
  • Combined aluminium air-oil cooler with fine fins
  • Contol and command instrument panel main switch
  • Steel plate base, allowing handling from three sides



A rotary screw compressor with high yield, high reliability and low noise-levels, field-tested and proven under a wide variety of situations and conditions.


1. Performance – High performance, silent running, simple installation and maintenance, make the CSA compressor the top model currently available on the market.


2. High-Efficiency Compression Elements – Two asymmetric rotors are mounted on high quality, low wear ball and roller bearings. The high degree of sealing and the fine tolerances used in the elements also guarantee even in small power ranges:

  • Greater yield
  • High efficiency
  • Long life and reliability
  • Lasting performance

3. Serviceability, Easy Maintenance – Air intake filter replacement – this operation only requires removal of the upper panel.

  • Discharge of condensate
  • Oil top-off
  • Oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Oil separator filter replacement

4. Replacing and Tensioning Belts – For the replacement and/or tensioning of the belts, just remove one fixed protection (side panel). The special transmission design ensures proper alignment of the pulleys.


5. Silent Running – Years of experience have been applied to the issue of noise levels, with particular care taken in analysing the air flow inside the compressor and the use of suitable panels with anti-noise devices, assembly of the various components, and the absence of transmitted vibrations.


6. Handling – This series of compressors was also designed with the issue of transport and/or handling in mind. Accessibility for lifting is allowed on three of the four sides and easy movement is guaranteed by a careful selection of lifting points, positioned so as to obtain a balanced load.


Call us today on 1300 290 638 for any of your compressed air needs. Alternatively, you can see our compressed air range here.

Why do Air Compressors Need Servicing?


Keeping your equipment and machinery running at a consistent high level of performance is important to every industry; breakdown of vital machinery in the workplace equals lost time and money. Compressed air is critical to production in supplying power to numerous tools, pumps, and other extensions. If your air compressor is not well maintained, it can cause multiple problems within the system and produce contaminated air to your end product – which can damage your tools and overall production.


Keeping up to date with your compressor’s servicing schedule ensures air quality is controlled and reduces the risk of over pressure, and component failure.


Compressed air system maintenance is similar to that performed on cars; filters and fluids are replaced, cooling water is inspected, belts are adjusted, and leaks are identified and repaired. Regular servicing and check-ups will ensure your compressed air system remains reliable and increases the life of the system.


At NPS, we offer a complete service – from initial consultation, through to post installation audits, efficiency testing, and support. We take the time to learn about your business in order to provide you with the best advice possible. Our factory trained service technicians have over 30 years’ experience in the WA compressor industry and have experience with all makes and models of compressors including oil flooded screw and piston compressors, oil free piston compressors, scroll, and water cooled screw compressors as well as diesel and petrol models.


Call us today on 1300 290 638 for any of your compressed air servicing needs. Alternatively, you can see our NPS service agreement here.

NEW Australian Made Universal Test Bench


Nessco Pressure Systems showcased at the 2016 Australian Oil and Gas Show (AOG) and this year’s feature product was our custom made Universal Test Bench or we like to call it a Blue Box!


universal test benchThis new to market Australian built Universal Test Bench was custom made for one of NPS’s customers in 2016, it is suitable for any test environment where fluid or inert gas is required at a maximum test pressure of 10,000 PSI. The unit could be used in conjunction with a safety cell where process valves/ pressure relief valves or hoses are tested.



Some features of the Blue Box –


  • Max working pressure of 10,000 PSI (960 bar) with water or Nitrogen gas
  • Internal gas booster that can boost from 1,200 PSI bottle pressure to 10,000 PSI
  • 10 litre gas receiver that can be charged with the booster to store the high pressure gas
  • Hydraulic pump from Hydratron that can boost fluid up to a pressure of 10,000 PSI
  • 10 litre Accumulator installed that can be pressurised by the pump
  • 4 large pressure gauges that will indicate the significant pressures in the system to ensure easy and safe operation
  • Provision for external test gauges or transducers that can be fitted to ensure that this unit can conform to NATA requirements
  • The only external inputs required for this equipment to run as a self-contained unit are 100 PSI clean dry compressed air at 60 scfm and a Nitrogen supply of 1,200 PSI




If you would like to know more about the Universal Test Bench or Blue Box please contact our high pressure specialist Louis!

on 0447 879 915

AOG 2016

For the fourth year in a row, Nessco Pressure Systems took part in the 2016 Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition from 24th – 26th of February! NPS took advantage of Australia’s largest oil and gas exhibition, by presenting a large range of their compressed air and high pressure solutions.

This year we presented new and innovative products on a large 36m2 stand E13. We exhibited our new Australian custom made Universal Test Bench as well as old and new favourites from Hydratron and Ceccato.

For the second year in a row, our stand incorporated a live demonstration of a compressed air system, outlining how the NPS range is a complete solution. This complete package provided patrons the opportunity to interact with the equipment, and see exactly how it operates. Linking one of our Hyratron DHDA pumps with our mini Ceccato CSM 7.5HP Compressor was their innovative aluminium and new stainless steel Infinity Pipe.

This year we hosted a Sundowner on the middle night of the AOG, we invited staff, clients, and other exhibitors to enjoy a couple of complimentary drinks and nibbles on the stand. The night was a huge success with many people making the trip and filling the stand for a night of fun and networking.


NPS-331 - AOG 2016_EDM Header62universal test bench


Check out our feature product for 2016 an Australian custom made Universal Test Bench! 

This new to market Australian built Blue Box was custom made for one of NPS’s customers in 2016, it is suitable for any test environment where fluid… Read More! 



Some other products that were showcased at the 2016 AOG were:

If you would like more information about the above items please download our AOG 2016 Brochure found here.






First Air Powered Car Released 2016


In the exciting innovative world of air compression, the globally known automotive company; Peugeot has revealed their plans for the first ever air powered vehicle to be released and ready for market as early as 2016!


The system works by using a normal internal combustion engine, special hydraulics, and an adapted gearbox along with compressed air cylinders that store and release energy. The compressed air is stored in a tank at high pressures such as 30 MPa (4500 psi or 310 bar). The air power will be automatically activated after reaching speeds below 43mph and will be used solely for city driving and will re-use all of the energy normally lost when slowing down and breaking.




Inside Peugot compressed air car

Peugot compressed air car











The motor and a pump will be located in the engine bay, fed by a compressed air tank underneath the car, running parallel to the exhaust; this enables it to run on petrol or air, or a combination of the two.


The ground breaking invention is said to reduce petrol bills by up to 80% when driving in cities and will be around £1,000 cheaper to purchase than all other current hybrid models, this is because the new ‘Hybrid Air’ will not require the expensive batteries found in current hybrids.


In the future the pioneering system will be installed into any traditional family car without altering its original size and external shape; the air-powered cars will eventually look identical to any desired conventional vehicle. To begin with the newer models will be a similar size and model to the Peugeot 208.



Do you have any ideas for air powered inventions? Send us your ideas below.

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Original Daily Mail article can be found – here 


Compressed Air New Years Resolutions

The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to look back at the year that’s been; reminisce and consider ways we can make this year even better.

What better time than now to review the air to your business? We have compiled a list of popular resolutions and related each to compressed air systems – you’ll see they are not too different!


Get Healthy


This is one of the most popular resolutions heading into a new year. Focusing on our health is of the utmost importance, as what we put in, we get out! This concept couldn’t be more relevant for your compressed air system.

The most effective way to ensure your system is healthy is through an NPS Compressed Air Management Report. Our reports determine if your air compressor and airline are well suited to your application and its level of use. If your compressor is undersized, the inefficiencies that occur are substantial – both in production and in your energy bills. Through our Compressed Air Energy Report, our technicians can offer energy saving alternatives – such as Ceccato IVR compressors – which can provide you significant savings per year (hint: it’s in the $thousands$).


Relax More


While keeping busy can be healthy, being over-worked is not. Keeping your air line efficient is crucial – this is directly correlated to the sizing and material of the pipe.

High velocity (aka. under sizing the pipe system) can be a significant cause of:

In other words, incorrect sizing of your airline can place huge stress on your compressed air system! Our friendly and experienced technicians can review your current airline, make suggestions to alleviate the stress and ensure it is working more efficiently.


Be More Organised


Are you one to continually run late? Perhaps you tend to forget bookings and appointments?

Your air compressor needs to be serviced regularly to avoid untimely breakdowns and expensive repairs. Unfortunately, keeping track of these important servicing schedules can be difficult. Luckily, the servicing team at NPS have all this information at hand! When your air compressor is due for its service – including those compulsory Receiver Inspections and Registrations – our team will notify you in advance and book a time that is most convenient for you.


Quit Smoking


Improving the quality of your breathing air is a key contributor to your longevity and quality of life.

Compressed air is a vital source for breathing air utilised in many industries, such as spray painters in the automotive industry.

Fed directly into the controlled environment, these lines are required to meet ISO standards. Since they may introduce contamination, the lines must be regularly controlled, monitored, and tested so they can provide clean air to the breathing apparatus on the other end. Nessco Pressure Systems is qualified and equipped to ensure your compressed air & gas lines stay contamination-free. Contact us today if you would like to have your breathing air tested!


Save Money


Save money and reduce debt – this resolution can apply to almost everybody! Did you know air leaks can waste up to 30% of a compressor’s output?

The common perception of air leaks is they have minimal impact on the costs of operation. However, the costs associated with an over-working compressor and air leaks are quite substantial.

In reality, producing 1 kW of compressed air requires 8 kW of electricity. Based on a compressor running 24/7 and a power cost of 15 cents/kW/hr, just one leak with a 2mm diameter can set you back up to $3000 annually! If your system has more than one leak, or your kW/hr rate is higher, this cost can dramatically increase.

Thankfully, there is one guaranteed way to prevent this from happening to your business: regular air leak audits. If you would like more information, or to book an air audit, contact our team here!


Do you have your own compressed air resolutions? Let us know below!

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Melbourne Cup Trade Day a Success!

On Tuesday, November 3rd 2015 NPS had the pleasure of holding our second Trade Day. This year we incorporated our event on one of the most anticipated days of the year: Melbourne Cup!

As a way of saying thank you to local businesses and customers, we displayed the day’s races on a mega 3.6 metre plasma. There were also numerous prizes, give-aways and free food & drink throughout the day.

Once again we had a fantastic turn out, with around 300 visitors visiting our premises in Welshpool, WA to make the most of Trade Day specials and entertainment.

The NPS Showroom had a variety of working compressors on display, such as the Ceccato CSA20/8 500D, Senator ES7 and the energy saving Ceccato CSB30 IVR Compressor.

If you would like to attend the 2016 Trade Day, call us on 1300 290 638 or send us an email!


Avoid Downtime From Leaks

One of the major cost risks involved in oil and gas production environments is downtime due to rogue emissions or leaks
from process systems.

Helium has been proven to find a leak path more easily and reliably than other gases or water, due to its small molecular size.Gas Booster

The Hydratron Helium Booster unit ensures that all leaks can be found at normal system operating pressures, as well as rendering the internal atmosphere inert and with a low dew point, reducing the risk of corrosion and hydrate formation.

The booster unit provides a controlled constant helium injection pressure into the nitrogen stream to achieve the required mix in the test piece.


  • Designed for leak testing applications, in which the user is testing typically with a 99% nitrogen/1% helium mix
  • Robust, compact, easily stackable stainless steel frame
  • Stainless steel colour coded mimic panel with mounted control (including air drive regulator, inlet gas supply regulator, pressure maintaining valve by-pass and gas pressure release valve)
  • Air and gas gauges fitted on a sloping panel for easy reference
  • Receives gas from any supply and compresses it to a higher pressure for leak testing, pressure testing and gas transfer
  • Features Hydratron’s high flow rate, air driven gas booster models, with typical output pressures of up to 14,200 psi


If you would like to discover how Hydratron’s Helium Booster can assist in your project, call us on 1300 290 638 or email our High Pressure expert here!