Case Study 8 | NPS Slices Energy Costs at D’Orsogna

Case Study 8 | NPS Slices Energy Costs at D’Orsogna


Local legends D’Orsogna, synonymous with high quality flavoursome meat products came to Nessco Pressure Systems with concerns over air quality, pressure loss and electricity bills. Like most leading food and beverage wholesalers and manufacturers, their factory relies heavily on compressed air.


NPS undertook an Air Audit mapping D’Orsogna’s airline and recording the current four compressors’ operating patterns.
A fully comprehensive report was generated from the Air Audit results. Included in this report was an outline of the potential savings D’Orsogna could achieve from simply replacing their four conventional load/unload compressors with one frequency driven variable speed compressor (IVR). A frequency driven compressor adapts itself to the production’s air requirements, saving on average 25-35% in electrical costs. Read more about IVR Variable Speed Compressors here.


Following a consultation of the Air Audit results with D’Orsogna, a solution was provided which comprised of a new high efficient variable speed 90kw compressor system, an oversized refrigerated dryer, pre & coalescing filtration along with a 3000L air receiver. Once located, the equipment was connected via our Infinity Aluminium Airline system. This was also used to convert the existing airline to a ring main system to supply a consistent pressure, flow and a high-quality grade of compressed air to the factory.


D’Orsogna understands that in some areas of the production process a higher quality grade of compressed air is required as per ISO8573. The quality of air must be regularly controlled, monitored, and tested to ensure compliance. D’Orsogna is extremely conscious of these standards with a well-established quality management system. NPS worked closely with D’Orsogna to identify all points where a higher quality grade of compressed air is required and installed a bespoke adsorption dryer and filtration system to ensure the high standards and integrity of their products and processes are upheld.


During the consultation process, it was also clear how conscious D’Orsogna were about their environmental impact, including waste oil disposal so NPS included a large Oil Water Separator in the project which processes the condensate discharged from dryer, receiver and filters to ensure correct disposal of waste oil.


35 new safety airline droppers will also be installed throughout the factory which features air fuses and safety support cables.  If a hose failure occurs, the air fuse is designed to eliminate potential injury to employees and damage to the production area by minimising the whip effect of the hose.


Nessco Pressure Systems worked closely with D’Orsogna to create a compressed air system that is reliable, energy efficient and provides the flow and pressure required by the factory while ensuring the correct quality grade of air for their products demand.



“Nessco Pressure Systems was a pleasure to work with and were on time and on budget. The installation went really well and the project also fits perfectly with our sustainability agenda as saving energy is one of our top priorities. The compressors are working very efficiently and delivering a high specific output of clean quality air.”

– Neil Harvey, Chief Engineer



This installation was directed by our business development manager, Dillon Smith. Dillon specialises in creating turnkey, compressed air systems that are tailor-made for the needs of Western Australian companies.


If you would like more information about our compressed air solutions or to book in an Air Audit, contact Dillon Smith on 0412 169 430 or email at




Case Study 7 | Torkan Packaging

Torkan Packaging, Malaga WA


Nessco Pressure Systems has regularly maintained and serviced Torkan Packaging’s compressors for many years. Recently, Torkan Packaging came to NPS with the ever growing concern of rising energy costs and expensive monthly power bills, as many other Western Australians have also experienced.


They had recently installed solar panels and were looking to save some money on their compressors. Our business development manager, Dillon Smith, suggested an energy efficient compressor. Dillon specialises in creating turnkey, compressed air systems that are tailor-made for the needs of Western Australian companies.


After some research into Torkan Packaging’s compressed air needs, Dillon put forward the solution of a variable speed unit. A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor simply adjusts its motor and elements speed to only produce and maintain the required amount of compressed air needed. This in-turn allows for a much more energy efficient system. As Torkan Packaging were changing some of their machinery to models only requiring air intermittently, this would be highly beneficial.


To effectively clarify the advantages and savings to Torkan Packaging, Dillon Smith produced an A.C.C (Air Consumption Calculator) document which compares a standard on/off machine, with a VSD unit and displays both current and projected factory air use and energy consumption. The A.C.C also indicates the payback period when investing in a VSD compressor.


After presenting the A.C.C and its findings to Fabio at Torkan Packaging, the decision was made to invest in a Ceccato CSB 18.5 kW VSD compressor.


Torkan Packaging reached out to us to express their gratitude;


“Hi Dillon,

How are you?

Just a note to let you know that the compressor is working very well and also

I have calculated an average saving of approx.: $3,000 per yr. – comparing to the other compressor.

Thank you!



Torkan Packaging.”


The A.C.C document that Dillon presented is easy to produce and is extremely accurate. The initial investment and maintenance of a compressor do not compare to its ongoing energy costs. Producing compressed air can account for more than 40% of a company’s total electricity bill. Studies show that many production facilities have variations in air demand, all of which could benefit from a VSD compressor.


If you’d like to book an appointment to discuss potential cost savings and how the Air Consumption Calculator will work for you, contact Dillon Smith on 0412 169 430 or email at

Case Study 6 | Global Supplier for Oil and Gas Industry

Global Supplier for Oil and Gas Industry, Welshpool WA


Our team here at NPS was asked to replace an old air receiver at a WA warehouse, Our Client is a leading global supplier of distinguished consumable and capital products for the mining, freight rail, and oil & gas industry.

This installation required careful planning and designing by our Nessco Pressure Systems representative, Dillon Smith, as this work could only take place on Sunday when production was down and had to be completed ready for 6am Monday.

The work included cutting and removing the old pipes to the existing receiver, welding new bends and connecting the new bends to the new 2400 litre air receiver and then to the existing airline. The connection was made with Infinity 80mm airline.




Our team work around your needs and requirements to ensure you are left with a tailor fit solution. To discover how NPS can assist in your project, call us on 1300 290 638 or contact us here!



Case Study 5 | United Welding Force

United Welding Force, Welshpool WA


United Welding Force selected NPS to design, supply and install a compressed airline system for their new workshop in Welshpool. United Welding Force specialises in providing fabrication services for the mining, industrial and commercial construction sectors; from drafting and fabrication, to surface treatment and transportation.

Our Business Development Manager, Dillon Smith, visited their new 70m x 22m workshop with recommendations for a new airline that compliments the flow rate of their current compressor. Through a visual presentation of the design, Dillon recommended a 25mm ring main and 20mm twin outlet droppers in a ring main structure. To optimise the airline system, each of the 12 droppers incorporated the Infinity Zero Condensate Reducing Tee; an innovative solution that prevents damaging condensate reaching equipment.

The challenges involved in their system included the rail crane and the compressor being stationed outside the tilt panel structure. NPS were able to execute the design to accommodate the rail crane, as well as core drill the tilt panel to connect the airline to the compressor outside.

As well as commissioning and testing for air leaks, NPS registered the compressor and receiver to ensure compliance with WorkSafe requirements.



NPS pride themselves on being able to provide an integrated compressed air solution for any project, large or small. As such, we offer complete airline systems with a range of different sized compressors, including energy efficient variable speed options. To discover how we can assist with your project, contact our team on 1300 290 638 or email us here!


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Case Study 4 | The Gulf of Carpenteria Project

The Gulf of Carpenteria Project


Nessco Pressure Systems was recently approached by a client in the Oil & Gas industry to provide an air compressor for their site operations in the Gulf of Carpenteria (Northern Territory).

The initial brief was to design and install a compressor system to withstand and operate continuously in the harsh tropical and coastal environment of the island.

Nessco Pressure System’s solution was to incorporate the compressor as part of a complete containerised solution.

The system included air intake at one side of the container to provide air for cooling and compression, and a ducted exhaust vent to expel the heated air from the compressor keeping the temperature of the enclosure as close to ambient as possible.

The compressor supplied was a variable speed drive compressor. This type of compressor is ideal for this application which has a constantly changing air requirement, in principle it regulates the compressors flow to meet the varying air demands of the ten individual pumps located at different points around the site.

The purpose built enclosure was designed with all required services in mind including an entry point for the electrical supply, an isolation valve for easy on site connection and lockable isolation of the compressed air in case of servicing and safety issues. Provisions were also made for removing condensate from the receiver, dryer and filters, to ensure all environmental management controls were upheld.

NPS pride themselves on being able to provide a compressed air solution for every requirement, large or small. As such, we offer a range of different product levels, including standalone fixed speed box units, integrated tank & dryer packages, and energy efficient variable speed options.



For more information about our range of compressors, or how we can help with your project, call us on 1300 290 638 or contact us here!


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