Case Study 7 | Torkan Packaging

Torkan Packaging, Malaga WA


Nessco Pressure Systems has regularly maintained and serviced Torkan Packaging’s compressors for many years. Recently, Torkan Packaging came to NPS with the ever growing concern of rising energy costs and expensive monthly power bills, as many other Western Australians have also experienced.


They had recently installed solar panels and were looking to save some money on their compressors. Our business development manager, Dillon Smith, suggested an energy efficient compressor. Dillon specialises in creating turnkey, compressed air systems that are tailor-made for the needs of Western Australian companies.


After some research into Torkan Packaging’s compressed air needs, Dillon put forward the solution of a variable speed unit. A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor simply adjusts its motor and elements speed to only produce and maintain the required amount of compressed air needed. This in-turn allows for a much more energy efficient system. As Torkan Packaging were changing some of their machinery to models only requiring air intermittently, this would be highly beneficial.


To effectively clarify the advantages and savings to Torkan Packaging, Dillon Smith produced an A.C.C (Air Consumption Calculator) document which compares a standard on/off machine, with a VSD unit and displays both current and projected factory air use and energy consumption. The A.C.C also indicates the payback period when investing in a VSD compressor.


After presenting the A.C.C and its findings to Fabio at Torkan Packaging, the decision was made to invest in a Ceccato CSB 18.5 kW VSD compressor.


Torkan Packaging reached out to us to express their gratitude;


“Hi Dillon,

How are you?

Just a note to let you know that the compressor is working very well and also

I have calculated an average saving of approx.: $3,000 per yr. – comparing to the other compressor.

Thank you!



Torkan Packaging.”


The A.C.C document that Dillon presented is easy to produce and is extremely accurate. The initial investment and maintenance of a compressor do not compare to its ongoing energy costs. Producing compressed air can account for more than 40% of a company’s total electricity bill. Studies show that many production facilities have variations in air demand, all of which could benefit from a VSD compressor.


If you’d like to book an appointment to discuss potential cost savings and how the Air Consumption Calculator will work for you, contact Dillon Smith on 0412 169 430 or email at